Lavalna Sunbeam (Archie)

Chester and North Wales Cat Show: First show as a kitten at 14 weeks. Won his open and BOB.

North West Cat Show 29th Sept 07: 1st in Open, one 2nd and one 3rd in side classes

Cheshire Area Cat Show 10th Nov 07: 1st in Open, BOB, 2x 1st and 1x 3rd in side classes. BEST SEMI-LONG HAIRED KITTEN.

Shropshire Cat Club Show 2nd Feb 08: First neuter show. 2nd in open, 2x 2nd in side classes.

Lancashire Cat Show: 2nd in open, 2x 1st in side classes

Preston & Blackpool Cat Show 8th March 08: 1st in open, 1x PC, BOB, 2x 1st, 1x 2nd in side classes

Manchester & District  3rd May 08: 1x PC, BOB, 1x 1st nd 1x 2nd in side classes.

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