Hi, my name is Natalie. I've only been breeding for a few years, and over this short time I’ve learnt so much. Firstly, my cats are my pets, and my friends to some extent. I’m always finding myself having conversations with them, they do talk back some times! Lol.

So about me. Well I live in Leigh, Lancashire. I live on my own in my two bed semi with 5 cats. 2 rescue moggies, 2 Birmans and 1 Persian. I work as a fulltime Airport Firefighter. it’s a great job to work around breeding, as I can book my time off work in advance to be there for when the kittens are born. The lads at work are always taking the mic out of me for the cat breeding. Saying I’m going to grow into an lonely old lady with millions of cats in my house. Well, who knows!

So as for the cats. Well I have 2 rescue moggies , 1 Persian and 1 Birman breeding girls. I’m dying to keep one of my own baby girls to show and breed from. But as us breeders know, it doesn’t always go to plan. That’s why I kept one of the Birman baby boys from last years litter. I started showing him at 14 weeks old. Since then we’ve been to numerous shows, and he’s doing really well as a show neuter. I love the show bench. The best part is getting to know other people and making friends.

I have to say a huge thank you to Patricia Morrissey of Pazajem Birmans and Ann Spotswood of Beaubright Birmans. These 2 ladies have been the best mentors any one could ask for. Thank you

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